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Lean Expert program

When organizations seek to elevate their continuous improvement efforts to the highest level, they turn to Lean Experts. As the flag bearers of Lean, they know how to tackle any challenge related to customer value and waste-reduction. They possess a skillset that sets them apart from Lean Leaders, namely the ability to take ownership of Lean programme management and give high-level training. They coach other Lean professionals and provide organizations with strategic roadmaps, steering towards success by carefully selecting Lean projects. There is truly no better person better fit to implement a culture of continuous improvement than a Lean Expert.



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In-Company training

Bespoke group training or coaching by our (Master)Black Belts, tailored to your workplace.


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Leading the Lean way

Even since the earliest days of Lean in Japan, have people taken a centric role in the methodology. Forget unthinking adherence to a single routine. Lean on a higher level is about cultivating a creative way of looking at problem solving. It’s about having a shared way of thinking about continuous improvement and how to apply it in your working environment. Not just once, but every day. This is the essence of continuous improvement. But cultivating this mindset in everyone who is involved – as well as creating a burning platform for this type of company culture – truly requires a Lean Expert. They elevate not just processes to a higher standard, but people as well. And as Toyota once stated: “we build people before we build cars”.

  • Personalized training advice
  • Lean Expert coach
  • Tailor-made programme

  • Exclusive MyTraining™ learning platform
  • ISO-certified courses
  • International company presence

Based on student reviews, our courses are rated 4.8/5.0 stars

Versatility for the future

Staying future-ready as an organization means always focusing on the right goals and being robust enough to weather the storm. But this focus, agility, and translating company vision into the right actions requires more than just traditional leadership abilities- especially when it comes to Lean. You must know which style of management is most effective, understand the tools and methods used throughout the company, how best to utilize them, and when difficulties arise, the answer should already be in your toolbox. Versatility is the new keyword of the future, and it’s the most valuable skill that Lean Experts possess. There simply is no other who can approach Lean in such a strategic and all-encompassing way as a Lean Expert can.

Training variants

Your way of studying


The agenda of the Lean Expert programme differs per student. It’s based on what you still need to achieve, amount of checks that are required (such as progress reviews ), or even possible issues you’ve run into that you want help with. Together with your trainer, you create a planning that works for all stakeholders involved with your project. But the duration, starting date and other details are best discussed personally, so don’t hesitate to reach out to our Lean Expert trainers for further advice.



About the Lean Expert programme

Contrary to our regular courses, the Lean Expert programme is not an online or classroom type of group training. Instead, together with your personal coach, you go over your previous Lean experience and take stock. Because to be able to grow to the level of Lean Expert, you must possess extensive prior experience with the major facets of Lean. Participants must have at least 3 years of experience as a certified Lean Leader during which they must have carried out 5 successful Lean projects, coached 5 others, and must have embedded continuous improvement in one department along with the necessary coaching. Lastly, participants must also be fully-certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belts.

When these requirements have been met, a gap-analysis will be made to get a good overview of your experience and turned into a roadmap for your personal development. The Lean Expert programme then focuses on filling the remaining gaps in your portfolio. It’s not just about applying Lean tools and methods, but also requires participants to start exploring program management further and put in the hours. With aid from your coach, you start looking for opportunities where you can expand small Lean initiatives into larger programs which align with the goals of the management team.

When you join the programme, all of your work is carried out with one goal in mind: to master the Lean methodology and make continuous improvement your expertise.

Certification Journey

Preparation phase

To help you prepare, the training includes:

  • An in-depth study manual
  • Up to 25 videos on Lean and Lean Six Sigma
  • Digital book focusing on Lean in Practice
  • Complementary TPC e-learning courses
  • Direct access to MyTraining™

Training days

Your training sessions include:

  • Varying amount of course days
  • Practical simulations
  • Discussion of project challenges and related best practises
  • Coach-to-peer learning and activities
  • Theoretical exam and certification

Your Project

To ensure your project will be a success, the training includes:

  • 1-on-1 project coaching
  • Pre-made project templates
  • Project evaluations and assistance with the first steps
  • Lean Expert mentoring
  • A comprehensive overview of deliverables

Certification phase

Certification entails the following:

  • Expert reviews of your project
  • Certification ceremony with your Lean Expert and Manager
  • Official Lean Expert certificate
  • Official registration in our database
  • Access to the exclusive Alumni LinkedIn-page

Preparation phase

Training days

Your Project

Certification phase

Getting certified

The value of your certificate

Successfully completing one of our trainings is awarded with an internationally recognized certificate. But what exactly determines the worth of a certificate? We explain why a certificate from The Lean Six Sigma Company is of a higher standard than others on the value of your certificate page

FiNancial details

Training prices


Because the Lean Expert programme is tailor-made, the length of the programme, intensity and amount of coaching vary per student. Therefore the price also differs from person to person. If you want to receive an accurate price indication, please contact us and our Lean Experts will help you with all of your questions.


Country Specific

Lean Leader including project


Country Specific

Lean Leader without project


Return-on-investment estimate

Lean Experts have risen above personal project leadership, instead they enable others to achieve much more impactful results. Their contributions and work are not easily translated into numbers. Because they lead departmental Lean teams, select the most worthwhile projects, and their team achieve cost reductions of up to $250-400k annually rather than carry out projects themselves. Lean Experts help teams with their coaching, experience and leadership techniques so they can bring in much greater results than they would otherwise.


If it’s a training for an entire team you’re looking for, then our In-Company pages will be of interest. Our trainers will also host every training we offer to individuals in your organization. There’s no easier way to get started with Lean or Lean Six Sigma as a team than with our In-Company training.

In-company training


Lean Six Sigma tasting

Learn to utilize improvement opportunities with Lean Six Sigma. Find out which training would be most effective for you by attending our Lean Six Sigma tasting. During this free tasting, one of our Lean Experts will explain the fundamentals of the methodology to you, and how to turn your ideas into results. Let us answer your questions and reveal just how much you could benefit from employing Lean Six Sigma.

  • Bespoke training advice for every student
  • Q&A session about the Lean Six Sigma methodology
  • Discuss project ideas with other attendees
  • Get to know our trainers
  • Available to everyone

Starting Dates

Starting dates Lean Expert training

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Frequently asked questions

Is a Lean or Lean Six Sigma training relevant to my career phase?

Lean and Lean Six Sigma are methodologies that one can start using during any career phase, and this training is the ideal starting point. Even as a beginner, your work can add tremendous value. Either methodology can serve as an addition to your current work, replacing a part of your existing responsibilities. Or it can become a new full-time career, depending on the training you choose.

Do you offer any evening- or weekend training?

The Lean Six Sigma Company strives to organize its courses training during normal working hours.

This is a conscious choice in order to avoid interfering with the private lives of our students and to get students used to the idea of working with Lean Six Sigma during typical working hours, and continue this habit once they complete the training.

However, some local exceptions apply. Please reach out to to the helpdesk in your region if you have any questions

Do you offer training in other languages?

More information about our worldwide presence can be found on our worldmap page, here you will find in which countries we are currently active and offer training.

What is the right training for me?

This depends on your goals and what you intend to achieve. If you would prefer to employ Lean Six Sigma on a part-time basis, for example alongside of other work, the Green Belt training would be the best choice. If it’s your aim to work with Continuous Improvement and Lean Six Sigma on a full-time basis, then the Black Belt training would be the right pick. The same applies to Lean and our Lean Practitioner and Lean Leader training, respectively.

Should I go for a Lean Practitioner or Lean Leader training?

Lean Practitioners have a different role than Lean Leaders. Practitioners carry out smaller-sized Lean Initiatives on a constant basis and report to stakeholders about their efforts. Lean Leaders on the other hand possess a wider range of knowledge of Lean, lead projects, and train employees so they can start using the Lean methodology themselves.

Want more information?

Perhaps you’re still doubting about which training is the right choice for you, or whether you should choose Lean or Lean Six Sigma. Let us help you with all your questions, in this way, you can always make the right choice. Our friendly helpdesk would love to hear from you

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