Getting started with Lean Six Sigma

Getting Started with Lean Six Sigma

The first step is the most difficult one- unless you utilize our unique $1M ROI Program and CI Roadmap. The reason we can guarantee results is we understand that a truly successful implementation of Lean Six Sigma will always require a tailored approach, as every organization has its own path to success.

To ensure a seamless fit between your organization and its objectives, we first start by designing a Lean Six Sigma roadmap with you. This roadmap has a wide range; from starting small, to a more robust program depending on the maturity of the organization with Lean Six Sigma and the need to deliver significant results.

Elements of the roadmap can include improvement needs assessment, creating awareness, group training, project execution & coaching, workshops, and program management.

If you choose to continue with our $1M ROI Program, you can expect significant benefits ranging, from $1M or even more. The results depend on the size of the organization, however you can expect significant benefits from your Lean Six Sigma investment.

We have designed this all-inclusive program to have a fixed price of $75K. This includes training, certifications, exams, project selection & coaching, workshops, program management, and travel expenses.