Our Black Belt Programmes

The Lean Six Sigma Company offers several variants of its Black Belt programme, so as to match the widest range of requirements and challenges you may face.

Black Belt Services

The Black Belt Services is the most broadly applicable and accessible Black Belt training.

This variant of the programme contains no extra modules; you learn everything that is required of a Black Belt.

8 days
EN / NL / ES

This course includes

Official Black Belt Services certification



Black Belt Manufacturing

The Black Belt Manufacturing training includes additional modules on process optimization mainly found in the manufacturing industry. These modules focus primarily on Design of Experiments and Process Confirmation.

10 days
EN / NL / ES

This course includes

Official Black Belt Industry certification



Black Belt Excellence

The Black Belt Excellence is an exclusive programme offered in collaboration with Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University. This variant includes a specialized management module.

6 months

This course includes

Official Black Belt certification issued by The Lean Six Sigma Company and Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University



Master Black Belt

The Master Black Belt programme is intended only for experienced Black Belts who wish to take the next step in their Continuous Improvement journey.

EN / NL / ES

This course includes

Official Master Black Belt certification


Extensive practical experience as a Black Belt


What is a Black Belt?

The Lean Six Sigma framework for Continuous Improvement distinguishes its practitioners across several roles, each with their own tasks and responsibilities.

A Black Belt is capable of executing high complexity, cross-departmental improvement projects and serves as one of the main drivers of continuous improvement within their organisation.

For this reason, the role of Black Belt is often occupied by those who also possess a great deal of project management skills and a keen insight into both their organisation’s operations and its production processes.

Why become a Black Belt?

A Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training programme offers substantial advantages by equipping individuals with advanced skills for driving efficiency and excellence. Participants gain expertise in streamlining processes, which leads to substantial cost savings and expedited task completion. The training further imparts structured problem-solving techniques that elevate the quality of products and services, ensuring higher levels of customer satisfaction.

An additional significant benefit lies in the cultivation of a culture of continuous improvement through Lean Six Sigma methodologies. Participants learn to champion innovation and embrace change, fostering an environment where employees contribute valuable ideas. This adaptability is crucial in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape.

Reason 1: Utilize a data-driven problem-solving structure

Becoming a Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma signifies a mastery of problem-solving techniques that can greatly benefit both an individual’s career and the organization they serve. Black Belts are equipped with an arsenal of advanced statistical tools and methodologies, enabling them to identify root causes of complex issues that may hinder operational efficiency. This expertise results in targeted, data-driven solutions that lead to improved processes, reduced defects, and enhanced overall quality.

Reason 2: Achieve tangible results with your projects

The main objective of our programmes is to help you achieve your continuous improvement and operational excellence objectives. Part of your programme involves the process of becoming a Black Belt and learning the methodology and its tools, but this is ultimately instrumental in nature. The main focus lies on your first project, and our efforts are directed at ensuring this project succeeds and gets you the tangible results and successes that you need.

Reason 3: Cultivate a culture of continuous improvement

Black Belts embody the essence of continuous improvement, a mindset that can significantly impact both individual career growth and the organization’s overall success. Through their training, Black Belts learn to proactively seek out inefficiencies and initiate changes. This approach creates a ripple effect, inspiring colleagues to adopt a similar mindset. As more individuals embrace the culture of continuous improvement, the organization becomes more adaptive, innovative, and resilient in a rapidly evolving business landscape.

Reason 4: Drive leadership and change in your organization

For businesses, having Black Belts on staff can be a strategic advantage in times of change. These professionals possess the skills to guide teams through organizational transformations, ensuring that new practices are adopted seamlessly. Their leadership helps mitigate disruptions, maintain employee morale, and enhance the chances of successful change implementation. In this capacity, Black Belts become valuable assets in steering organizations toward growth and sustained success.

Upgrade to Black Belt

Green Belt to Black Belt

A 3-5 day programme to upgrade you from Green Belt to Black Belt.