Our Lean Programmes

The Lean Six Sigma Company offers various Lean programmes, ranging from Lean Thinking to Lean Expert to cover all bases.

Lean Practitioner

The Lean Practitioner training is the perfect choice for individuals who seek to lead or participate in Lean improvement initiatives.
This training includes all the essential tools and methods of the Lean methodology

3 months
EN / NL / ES

This course includes

Official Lean Practitioner certification



Lean Leader

The Lean Leader training prepares its participants for the responsibility of leading and executing project-based improvement projects, and for encouraging and strengthening the Lean culture within their department.

4-5 months
EN / NL / ES

This course includes

Official Lean Leader certification



Lean Expert

The Lean Expert programme is intended for experienced Lean Leaders who wish to elevate their Lean skillset to the strategic level, further specializing in project selection and programme management.

EN / NL / ES

This course includes

Official Lean Expert certification


Experience and official Lean Leader certification


Practitioner, Leader, Expert

The Lean Six Sigma framework for Continuous Improvement distinguishes its practitioners across several roles, each with their own tasks and responsibilities. Three of these roles specialize in Lean, namely the Lean Practitioner, Lean Leader and Lean Expert.

Lean Practitioners specialize in leading their team ‘s daily improvement initiatives, whereas Lean Leaders are responsible for leading and executing project-based improvement projects. Lean Experts take on a more strategic role, specializing in the deployment of Lean programmes and championing the culture of Continuous Improvement within the organization.

Why practice Lean?

Lean training delivers tangible benefits by imparting essential skills for efficiency and waste reduction. Participants learn to streamline processes, leading to cost savings and quicker task completion. The training also promotes structured problem-solving techniques, resulting in higher quality products and services. Another benefit is that through Lean initiatives, a culture of continuous improvement is cultivated which encourages employees to contribute ideas and adapt to change effectively. A Lean training equips individuals with tools to enhance productivity, reduce operational costs, and gain a competitive edge.

Less waste, more value

Lean helps you identify all those little things that slow us down or don’t add any real value to our work. We cut out these wasteful steps, making processes smoother and more efficient. This means less time wasted, more stuff done.

High-level teamwork

Lean isn’t just about what one person can do – it’s about everyone working together. When we all share ideas and suggestions, we find better ways to do things. This teamwork boosts morale and makes the workplace a happier and more productive place.

Maximize customer satisfaction

Lean isn’t only about doing things faster; it’s also about doing things right. By catching mistakes early and ensuring quality, we make sure customers get what they want, when they want it. This means happy customers who keep coming back.

Hands-on approach

Each training participant is guided towards their first project from day 1. By discussing project ideas, hurdles and insights, we effectively help you bridge the gap between training and achieving results that create support for future initiatives.