Our workshops are the perfect option for teams seeking to utilize continuous improvement tools and methods without attending a full-duration training. Workshops focus on transferring essential and specific knowledge to minimize the time it takes to achieve your goals.


Customizable Lean Six Sigma workshops

To achieve results that surpass expectations, every member of a team must work towards the same goal and wield the same tools. However, not every employee needs to be a fully certified Green Belt or Black Belt. Often, a workshop is enough to be able to contribute to improvement projects and make a personal impact.

Workshops are an excellent way of standardizing skills and understanding. They also provide a practical and engaging learning environment where individuals can grow, learn, and collaborate with their peers without needing to commit to weeks of training.


The fastest road to results

The Lean Six Sigma Company offers a wide variety of workshops, including Kaizen Events, Company Scan, OGSM, Project Selection, and many others

Choose the workshops that align with your specific needs and goals. Whether you’re seeking to identify improvement opportunities, develop clear objectives and strategies, drive rapid problem-solving events, or establish an improvement board for enhanced accountability, our workshops will help you bridge the gap between goals and results.

No prior Lean Six Sigma knowledge is required. Our workshops contain all the necessary knowledge which ensures that every participant operates with the same tools and techniques after completing their workshop.

Excellent team development

Our workshops are designed to inspire your team with new purpose. All of our workshops feature strategic team-building exercises, structured group discussions, and collaborative problem-solving activities. These sessions have been chosen for a reason: to build stronger working relationships, increase communication skills, and create a shared sense of understanding and working. The outcome? Streamlined teamwork and communication, resulting in more agile and productive work processes.

Building morale and knowledge

Boost team morale and knowledge through our workshops. We offer your employees the chance to acquire cutting-edge skills, deepen their expertise, and stay at the forefront of industry best- practices. The investment in continuous learning not only develops individuals but also expands your organization’s capabilities. By prioritizing employee development through our workshops, your workforce will be more adaptive and better able to sustain a competitive edge.

Towards a CI culture

Workshops are instrumental in fostering a culture of continuous improvement within your organization. Through workshops that focus on skill development, process optimization, and best practices, employees become more attuned to the concept of continuous improvement. They learn to identify areas that can be refined, implement changes, and share these improvements with their colleagues. Over time, this culture of continuous improvement will lead to results that all lead to the same question: “Why didn’t we do this sooner?”.


Effective, interactive, and engaging

By participating in our tailor-made workshops, your team members will acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to make a tangible impact on operational efficiency and cost savings. Our workshops provide a practical, fun, and engaging learning environment in which individuals can grow, learn, and collaborate with their peers.

An added benefit is that these sessions allow participants to acquire experience before they affect anything in their department, effectively bypassing beginner mistakes and pitfalls.

So don’t let the lack of certification hinder your employees from contributing to continuous improvement KPI’s, contact us today to explore our full range of workshops – tailored to fit your unique requirements – and unlock the full potential of your workforce in a memorable way.