Licensing model

Train your employees to become full-fledged Lean Six Sigma professionals by providing your own Lean Six Sigma training and certification, using materials and literature provided, created, and used by The Lean Six Sigma Company.


Our content, your course

The Lean Six Sigma Company is able to issue licenses to third parties who wish to provide their own Lean Six Sigma training on-site without needing to hire an external consultant or trainer. Possession of the TLSSC training license signifies that the owner is authorized to host legitimate training sessions that employ our training materials and curriculum to train new Lean Six Sigma professionals.

Being a licensed holder also conveys the status of full-fledged and certified Lean Six Sigma professional who possesses all the know-how and skills needed to participate in, or lead, improvement projects without outside validation or assistance.



The training materials and programs will be made available to you. Those who wish to participate in your training can register themselves on the online TLSSC platform. On this platform, they will be able to download study guides, online learning materials, and all the necessary documents needed to attend the training. Your trainers will be registered as licensed trainers of The Lean Six Sigma Company, granting them access to the digital exam system and the training instruction materials. All that is left to do is plan session 0.