With the aid of our coaching services, your team will possess all the guidance and help needed to bridge the gap between ‘knowing’ and ‘doing’. Our coaches will ensure your team enjoys a flawless transition from classroom methods and theories to practical application in the workspace.


Coaching you towards results

Our dedication to helping students apply Lean Six Sigma in the workspace is a cornerstone of our services. Coaching is vital in this effort, the reason why coaching is often such a game-changer is because embarking on a first project and achieving consistency afterward can be a challenge.

First-time Lean Six Sigma projects often face a number of hurdles stemming from inexperience. Errors such as allowing for scope creep to go unchecked, spending too much time (or too little) on vital steps, or neglecting stakeholders often result in project delays and backtracking.

While these hiccups are part of the learning process, they are far from ideal and can even hamper support for future projects. Our coaching service will ensure your newly-trained CI professionals know exactly how to avoid these pitfalls.


Success from the start

With the assistance of our coaches, there is no need for novice mistakes to surface in real-world situations. Through personalized coaching sessions, participants learn first-hand about the biggest mistakes and best practices that have taken others years to acquire.

Being coached by an experienced Master Black Belt means having the opportunity to experiment and learn in a safe and controlled environment. The journey of a beginning Lean Six Sigma professional will be sped up toward success, ensuring that even the very first project will deliver results worthy of praise.

Lean Six Sigma coaching at its best

Each of our Master Black Belt coaches has been handpicked for their expertise in Lean Six Sigma and their in-depth knowledge of your specific industry. This dual qualification ensures a swift transfer of knowledge and an unwavering focus on achieving tangible organizational results.

Flexible coaching for your convenience

Our coaching services are designed to be flexible, adaptable to your requirements, and unrestrained by rigid schedules. We are here to provide guidance and support precisely when you need it. Whether you seek coaching at the project’s inception, during its execution, or even before commencing, the presence of our coach is entirely at your discretion.

Customized for any scenario

Our coaching services are available for individual employees, groups, or all participants in a group training session. By ensuring that all projects align with and contribute optimally to your organizational goals, Lean Six Sigma coaching fosters synergy and enhances the success of not just one, but all your projects.


Dedicated to your wins

We are dedicated to helping you extract maximum value from every project you begin. Our commitment includes providing you with the insights and knowledge that a Master Black Belt typically utilizes to ensure their own high-level projects end in success. Your coach will answer even the most complex questions, will provide tips and tricks on how best to proceed, and ensure your workplace can benefit from continuous improvement tools and methods as fast as possible.

Personalized Program: Benefit from one-on-one guidance from a Master Black Belt with experience in your field. No one will be left behind.

Flexible Schedule: Tailor your coaching sessions to your organization’s needs- we will adapt our agenda to yours.

Project Selection: Rest assured that your projects and initiatives will consistently contribute to the chosen organizational objectives by having our coaches assist with project selection.